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WayPoint Healthcare Advisors Clients Among the Very Top ACO Performers

Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released final first year quality and financial performance results for the Medicare Accountable. Care Organizations (ACOs). WayPoint Healthcare Advisors is pleased to announce that two of its clients were among the very top performing ACOs that experienced significant shared savings. Among 220 eligible ACOs, WayPoint client Memorial Hermann ACO in Houston, Texas was the number one Medicare Shared Savings

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Achieving Structural Change: Moving Patients from Healthcare Bystanders to Engaged Consumers

Patient engagement plays a vital role in improving patient health and lowering healthcare costs. But how do you encourage patients to move them from healthcare bystander to engaged consumers? Read this white paper to learn more.

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Employer-Driven ACOs: The Next Big Thing?

Last month, Boeing announced that it is working with ACOs to provide what they believe will be better quality and more affordable care to 27,000 Puget Sound-area employees and some 3,000 retirees. Boeing is the first employer to sign up with the ACO offered jointly by Providence Health & Services and Swedish Medical Center. This approach is believed to be advantageous because the middleman (the payer) is taken out

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Using a Premortem to Uncover ACO/CIN Implementation Challenges – First in a Series

A Premortem is based on prospective hindsight – imagining that an event has already occurred – to help identify potential problems early on. READ MORE

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Moving Patients from Healthcare Bystanders to Engaged Consumers

“Engaged” patients don’t just happen. Patient engagement requires an active provider organization (practice), an active health system, and an active community. It is misleading to think that we can achieve the level of patient engagement necessary to truly impact our quality and financial goals without a systematic approach. Read More

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Innovative Joint Venture and Other Collaborative Models for Health Services

Jim McCoy, WayPoint Managing Director, participated in a panel discussion on Innovative Joint Venture and Other Collaborative Models for Health Services at May’s Healthcare Dealmakers Conference in Dallas. The panel explored what providers are doing, their motivations and relevant options when moving into this new territory. Following are some of Jim’s key takeaways: New or emerging physician-led clinical process improvement initiatives must be merged and aligned with the traditional

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Wellness and Disease Management Programs’ Impact on the ACO

It’s estimated that the number of ACOs will double by the end of 2014, according to a recent Premier Inc. report. Clearly, proactive wellness and disease management programs are vital to patient engagement in the ACO. A recent study by RAND Corporation researchers sheds some light on the ROI of these program’s efforts: chronic disease management returns $3.78 for every dollar invested and wellness/lifestyle programs return $0.48 for every

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WayPoint Healthcare Advisors Congratulates ACO Clients on Performance Year 1 Interim Results

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released findings on several initiatives to reform the healthcare delivery system, including the interim financial results for the Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs. WayPoint Healthcare Advisors is pleased to announce two WayPoint clients were included in the 29 ACOs that experienced significant shared savings through the first quarter of 2013. ACOs have grown more visible as they’ve gained momentum and credibility. More

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Medicare Shared Savings Program Application Cycle: Deadlines to Apply for Program Year 2015

The Medicare Shared Savings Program (Shared Savings Program) facilitates coordination and cooperation among healthcare providers to improve the quality of care for Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries.  Eligible providers and suppliers may participate in the Shared Savings Program by creating or participating in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO.)  The Shared Savings Program rewards ACOs that lower their rate of growth in health care costs while meeting quality performance standards. You

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Recent Reports about ACOs Show Growth and Early Positive Results

Early positive results have been demonstrated in current Accountable Care Organization activity. ACOs have also grown to a point where consumers in most major markets have a choice between ACOs. Competition is deepening and some critical questions should be addressed to stay ahead. What differentiates your ACO and the nature of your payer relationships? Is there an adequate level of plan/provider collaboration to streamline a member’s ability to navigate

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